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The people-loving, Golden Retriever owning, master LEGO building mama who believes a day spent outside is the best day to have. If I can’t be outside, watching Bravo TV, cooking, and reading murder mystery novels are a few of my favorites.  I believe that energy is contagious and we get back from this life what we put in to it. The best way to end the day is rocking on the porch swing with my husband and a glass of wine. Thank you for stopping by my page and I look forward to meeting you!  


I absolutely love Suzanne Holliman hair stylist extraordinaire. She always makes you feel special you can sit in her chair and let her work her magic you will come out looking amazing. I was so comfortable with her from my first appointment she makes you feel so special like you are her only client. I would ask her to make me beautiful, we would discuss what she thinks I need done at my appointment and then she would make it happen. I have never met anyone who can do highlights with such speed and accuracy. She kept my bangs just the way I like them long I never worried they would be to short. If you are looking for a hair stylist you can trust, is a wonderful person and is fantastic at what she does then Suzanne is the best choice you can make. 

Sherry, Vero Beach Client

Amy, Dayton Client 

Suzanne is so good at taking what you're thinking of doing to your hair and bringing it to life. Not only is Suzanne a fantastic hairdresser, her personality will win you over! Never a dull moment with her while she makes your hair look fantastic and keep it extremely healthy. She definitely knows what she's doing and makes you feel comfortable every step of the way.

Sydney, Vero Beach Client 

Suzanne is a miracle worker. I can show her any photo inspiration for a hairstyle, and it's almost like she reads my mind! Not only is she a hair magician, but she is literally the sweetest person I've ever met. She is so quick, yet thorough and never rushed. I recommend her to anyone and everyone and would not trust anyone else with my hair! Everyone needs a Suzanne in their life. 

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